Thursday Night Bus Tour


We’ve added an additional bus for the Darklight Pre-Convention Bus Tour, so go REGISTER NOW!

Buses leave at 1:00 pm and return at 12:00 am.

Please pick up your wristbands at the registration desk located in the Franklin Foyer on the second floor of the Hyatt meeting space.  The registration desk opens at 8:30 am. Buses will be departing from the same area.


The 2014 Midwest Haunters Convention pre-convention  bus tour leaves  Columbus late morning/early afternoon Thursday, June 5th on a tour of some amazing Ohio haunts!

For the first time ever on ANY haunt tour we will be visiting the LEGENDARY Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory!  This  may be the longest running professional non-charity haunted house in operation today and boasts stunning scenes and unique rooms spread over  7 different floors in two historic buildings. This tour will be lights on with no actors so you will really be able to see the details of these world famous attractions!  For more information visit


Then it is off to the 2 time Guinness World Records holder for the Longest Haunt in the World – The Factory Of Terror!  We will witness a burn test demo as firefighters will ignite several small buildings outside the haunt to test the effectiveness of fire retardants, and  then it will be time for dinner catered at the attraction.  Following the meal you will begin your exploration of this massive and terrifying event, walking over 3/4 of a mile,  more than 55,000 square feet of haunt through 4 different haunted houses including the debut of one ALL NEW attraction being built for the 2014 season! This will be a full production show with actors so be ready to scream! For more information visit

MEAL INFO: Dinner provided by Hide-A-Way Buffalo Grille :

  • Hams and beef rounds cooked on a spit outside at FOT
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Pasta with red sauce
  • Green beans
  • Rolls
  • Assorted desert
  • Beverages: Soda, water, beer

But it is not over yet!  We will then board our buses and head to the over the top Bloodview Haunted House, home of the Legion of Terror Acting Troupe!  In this full production show you will experience a full on assault to your senses  by the industry’s oldest and most infamous haunt actors renowned for elaborate make-up and intense interactive acting!

Bloodview Haunted House has been a leader in the haunted attraction industry for years, bringing a level of professionalism to the “charity haunt” arena usually only seen in big for-profit concerns. From the moment you cross the archway, you will be surrounded by monsters, they interact with you, they hunt you, they entertain you. This is what sets Bloodview apart from other haunts in the area, to the Legion, this is not a “Job”, it is the “Show”, it is a performance, one with which you may interact, you’re not just a customer, you’re a guest and an audience member. Every Actor is a Volunteer, there are no salaries, or hourly wages, they do it to entertain you the audience member. The Lions donate all the proceeds of the haunted house to various charities local/national/international. Planned theme weekends with spontaneous group acts outside in the lot, monsters stalking you from the moment you enter the parking lot, and the creative use of set design and makeup and costuming are just some of the areas where Bloodview still stands above the competition. The show itself, as always, is different every night – the talented actors and artists of the Legion of Terror create new scary characters using Hollywood-style special effect make-up and use no masks, no scripts, just improv acting skills and twisted imagination. The oldest haunted attraction troupe in the world, The Legion of Terror has been helping raise money for charity since 1985. For more information visit


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