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2006 Show Review

  • Posted by Chad Savage
  • Posted in Past Shows
  • Posted : September 28th, 2011

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The Review

This was without a doubt one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Everything was perfect, thanx to our hosts Barry, Kathy, Kelly and Neena. Friday evening started out with an informal reception at the Hyatt. After we spent sometime mingling and talking to our new friends we boarded 2 busses and headed out for the tour.
The first stop was at Scareparts, a manufacturer of high quality animatronic props. These guys opened their shop up for a tour and fed us, anybody that knows me knows food will make me your friend for life[lol]. Keith Korner and his crew were great, they were more than willing to discuss any aspect of prop building with us, there were no secret off limit areas or topics. I throughly enjoyed my time there[and the hot dogs too]

After we finished up at Scareparts we loaded up on the busses and traveled to Costume Specialists, a local costume and Halloween supply store that opened up late just for our group. This was a very well stocked store, they carry a full line of all the stuff you would need to dress for Halloween, the best part was 25% off, even on mark down items! WOO HOO bargain city, ya well I spent a little there. it was great and did I mention they had food too[see above reference to food and the effect it has on me].

As it was getting on towards dusk we again boarded the air conditioned busses[ it was a little warm out] and headed out to Dead Acres a local haunt that was open for a charity fund raiser that weekend. This place is great. the outside of the old barns and silos are all painted with skulls and devils and all sorts of scary stuff. Gargoyles on the roofs, 10 foot [silk]flames coming out the top of the silos, actors roaming around scaring folks, just a good show even before you get in. The once you were in it was intense, everyone I talk to[a lot of them from other haunts around the country] were impressed. The haunt is defiantly worth it if you’re in the area. they got it all inside, animatronics, lots of actors, darkness, music, flames, for and a killer vortex tunnel. I didn’t time it but it takes quite a while to get through. I liked it. It was a good show.
Then it was back on the busses and back to the motel, the end of a great day!

Saturday the trade show got into full swing with 40 plus vendors to entice you into spending your hard earned Halloween budget. They had every aspect covered props[animatronic and static] masks, costumes, make up, fog, lenticular portraits, cool t-shirts and my favorite prop controllers. There was also a real coffin vendor, don’t wanna leave them out. Very nice, friendly vendors, all were more than willing to take the time to talk to you and explain everything even us non pro folks, very cool and not always the case at trade shows.

All day Saturday and Sunday afternoon there was a wide variety of free seminars offered on just about any conceivable subject related to haunting that you can think of. I found these all very informative, enjoyed all that I attended.

Now to the mayhem, Saturday evening started out with “Monster Makeup Wars”. Now this was great fun. 5 teams, one subject and 2 artists were each given identical boxes of cosmetics and other supplies, graciously donated by Bloody Mary’s. The teams then had 1 hour to transform their subject however they saw fit. At the end of the hour a group of pros judged the results, this contest was just unbelievable, you had to see the results, pix are coming soon.

After that Rex Hamilton was offering portrait shots outside the ballroom to capture some of the fantastic makeup jobs done at the show and for the costume party which followed. The party also included a costume contest and a Miss Scary Ohio contest. Great, wild drunken fun!!!!

For those that survived Saturday night Sunday had more trade show bargaining and more seminars. A very nice end to a perfect weekend. This show has to be on your “must do” list.

Mike (on Ghostdroppings)

Other Comments:

Guys, if you missed MHC… don’t make the same mistake
next year!!

It was an utter blast!! (Not an udder blast Jim!)

I enjoyed seeing old friends, making new friends and
putting faces with the posts, e-mails and chats.

Thanks to all the MHC staff for such an awesome

(Virgil on Hauntworld)

Greetings to all haunters,
The Columbus, Ohio show was a lot of fun and excitement from the time it started till the very last event of Kelly and Nina Collins (co-producers of MWH) wedding reception at the Hyatt on Sunday night with friends, family and of course haunters all in costume. Speaking of costumes the MWH costume competition on Saturday night will keep everyone talking for many months to come…..you had to be there to believe it…The best of the best was there, as well as some fantasy airbrush body art work – ask someone who attended!!! Of course the ever popular MS Scary Ohio was crowned and won some great prizes as well as a $250.00 photo shoot with www.eyeshoottoledo.com On Sunday, both the silent as well as the live auction was a huge success. Haunters went away with lots of great props and items too numerous to mention at fantastic savings. Lots of rumors have surfaced, that Crazy Bob has now turned into the World’s First True Professional Haunted Auctioneer. It really was a blast and I can accept that title in good faith! Wait till next year to see what happens.
Another new feature was the master of photography -Rex Hamilton was taking costumed and charactor shots Saturday night as well. The long lines for the shoot went well and many folks will undoubtly be very happy that they took the time to do this.The big hit of the convention was www.hauntedportal.com with 2 professional photographers capturing all the true fun and excitement of this convention. Photographs will be posted by the end of this week for all to see who could not make the trip this year.
I sure more haunters will post their feelings on all the events as well as the numerous vendors products that were at this show. I know I am really tired from all the nonstop Convention friendships and activities that went on this weekend.
More to come after a good long nights sleep.

Crazy Bob – Owner of the Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park – Fremont, Ohio (on Hauntworld)

just wanted to say a word or two of thanks to the producers of MHC. the event was even better than it was last year. it seems as if every year the convention keeps on getting better and better and that says something for the people running the show.

Screamline would also like to thank all of those who stopped by our booth and supported us. we met a lot of people over the past few days and had a lot of fun with old friends and new ones.

and the guys at screamline studios (on Hauntworld)

WOW!!!! thats the best way to describe this years mhc show , from management to the customers everything was great, I would also like to thank everyone who supports the guys at screamline studios. (Screamline on Hauntworld)

Hello to all you Haunters and Vendors that were at the MHC this past weekend. We want to thank many of you out there that came to our Haunted Media Magazine booth at the Midwestern Haunter’s Convention. It was our first and most certainly not our last Midwest Convention. It was great seeing many old friends as well as meeting the new ones.

Hats off to Barry, Kelly and everyone for putting on an outstanding event. Your personal touch was everywhere and between the 700 plus people that went through the show room floor, we felt that everyone was touched by the care and respect that you showed to this industry. Hats off to you, your family and all those that were behind the scenes of your event.

Last year we had heard from several venders that you must attend this event and see for yourself why MHC is a must. Now after all said and done I can honestly say that everyone was right.

Thanks again for not only a profitable event, but also a great time. Looking forward to next year.

Scott (on Haunted Attraction).


Thanks again Barry for putting the event together. It was very professionally run, very well attended, had a great selection of vendors to shop and great events. I had a great time there once again and as a vendor, I demonstrated for what seemed to be the same number of guests as at HauntCon a couple months back! Good job!

Chilli Willi



No, thank YOU… seriously, you and Kathy, Kelly and Neena put together a great show. I was glad for the opportunity to be a part of it and had a blast.

Great job!

Rob Sanchez, CEO
Blood Brothers Media Group, LLC
“Moving your dark attraction into the spotlight”

I have to agree, Kudos to all that had a part in the convention. It was my 1st time and really thought everything was great. In fact, I have to say I walked away from this convention with more ideas than I could have hoped for! Plus I got more of a chance to meet new haunter friends from all over the country! Hope to make it next year! (Ron on Hauntworld)

The thanx go to Barry and crew for puttin on one hell of a GREAT show. This was the absolute best show ever. Those that weren’t able to go just missed the most fun possible outside October 31! Everyone needs to put this on their “must go” list, it is the best.

Jul 18, 06 1:43 am (Mike on Ghostdroppings)

Thank YOU guys…we had an awesome time!…it has been great fun hanging with old and new friends all three years I’ve been going to MHC…keep up the great work guys!

aka “Root”


Jim and I wanted to ‘thank’ you, Cathy, Kelly and Neena for an excellent show. Classes were very good and we made use of several of the vendors. Show was well organized and seemed to run efficiently. I liked the Hyatt hotel as opposed to previous hotel. So “thank you” for a job well done.


My sincere thanks goes out to all the fine folks responsible for MHC with a special thanks going out to Barry. As many of you know, I missed Ironstock due to some issues with my mom’s declining health. For MHC, I drove out to Columbus from California in three days and when I arrived at the hotel, Barry, knowing I would be exhausted, was there waiting to help me unload. It was a small but selfless act and it really meant a lot to me so once again, thanks you.

While I miss the quaint New England-ness of downtown Worthington, the new Hyatt location was perfect! I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this but the hotel staff was simply amazing — even going so far as to put extra wash rags in our rooms knowing we might need them to clean up after the make-up wars. How cool is that!

Speaking of things that were pretty cool, if you weren’t at MHC you missed out on an eye-popping body paint demo in the main showfloor area. Personally I’d love to see more of this type of stuff. I offer no more details. Let the speculation begin!!!

That’s all for now. As always…

Happy haunting,
-Tim @ TheGhoulishGallery.com

Thank You Barry, Kelly, Neena, and Kathy, for having me to speak it was a
great show!

IAHA President


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