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2007 Show Review #2

  • Posted by Chad Savage
  • Posted in Past Shows
  • Posted : September 28th, 2011


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Other Comments:


Gates of Terror would like to thank M.H.C. for the privilege of being the guest haunt for the Friday night bus tour. Everyone was wonderful and had a great time. We spoke to many of you over the weekend and we were so happy to hear all the great comments from those in attendance. If you were able to attend the Friday night tour to the Gates of Terror we would like to hear from you. We would like to post comments on our website for our patrons to read. Please send comments along with your haunts name to info@gatesofterror.com .
Once again the Midwest Haunters Convention was excellent! Barry, Kelly, Kathy and Neena as well as all of their staff and volunteers work very hard to put on a very professional show.We had 22 people in attendance and 11 of our crew attended the seminars. Everyone enjoyed the show and learned something new. We look forward to seeing everyone at M.H.C. next year. 
Jim and Marlana Walls
Owners of Gates of Terror Haunted Attraction



MHC WAS AWSOME this year! My first time and I met some great new friends and

got to be in the pagent.
I didnt win or place but it was an honor to be involved in the pagent and I

did my best!
The whole event was amazing, the classes were very helpful, my favorite one

being improv!
I cant wait for next year! – Pia


Just wanted to say thanks for a great convention! Great

tours, education sessions and a really fun time (and the

Good Guys cars was a bonus!).

Again, Thanks,

We’ll be back!

Cliff Martin

(and the Hacker House gang)


A BIG Thank You to MHC!

We had a great time again this year at MHC.

Very glad to have had the chance meet everyone that stopped by my booth. I would like to thank Barry & Kathy and Kelly & Neena for putting together a fantastic show (let’s not forget those volunteers!)

Thinking about next year already and considering that I’ll need 4 booths this time around? I would surely need the assistance of the BodyBag crew, again!

Kevin (Gore-Galore) Sorry I keep coming into your booth and trying to sell your stuff , well, not really

Neena, glad we had a chance to talk a for a bit on Sunday, I would love to talk with you more about a fashion show.

For those of you that didn’t make it, well….

Plan ahead for next year.

We’ll be there, with twice the merchandise we had from this year.

Great Job MHC Crew!!!

Thanks, Jeff – Frighteners Entertainment



Jamie and I just wanted to thank you for having us at the Midwest Haunt Show.  You, Kathy, Kelly and Nina put on a great show.  It was so much fun and Jamie learned so much.  It was such a great opportunity for her to get to work with Jeff Glatzer on the Monster Make-up Wars.  The bus tours were outstanding and your hospitality was wonderful.  The seminars were so educational – Jamie came home with some great ideas. Again thanks all for our great time at your show. Thank you,

Kerri  and Jamie Perkins


just got back for mwhc on sunday. we had a really good

time. saw alot of interesting things.  the vendors

were out in force and learned some interesting new

ideas. recognized some friendly faces in the crowd and

it was good to see them again. sorry if you missed it,

you would have had a good time. – M Philips


Screamline Studios thanks MHC –



just wanted to take a few moments after recovering from this monsterous weekend, to say thanks to the producers, the volunteers, and attendees of the midwest haunters convention…we had a great time meeting alot of new friends and tipping a few adult beverages back with the old friends as well…your support at this show as well as at all the other shows keeps us going on those long nights…we hope to see you all at the next convention (either TW or hauntcon) where we can sit back, relax, and rot away while talking shop and tellin stories…

the screamline studios crew

jason, steve, and todd


Ok yall i just wanted to thank everyone for the MHC weekend. So here comes the list

Thanks to Crazy Bob, Tattoo and everyone that cheered for granny in the contest, You made it easy to get on stage and gross everyone out. While Granny didnt win she belives that the best did win.

Crazy Bob, Thank you for not only MCing the contest but drinking outta Grannys boobs and drinking with granny.

Tattoo,Crazy Bob, Ken Spriggs,Mouse,Wayne Sealy,Timmer,Ghostly Manor and all the others that invited Granny to come up and play with them this year. Im not used to this much outpouring, I came from a small haunt and i cant belive that the industry greats want me to come and entertain their guests. It really means alot to me and i will try to make it to all the haunts i can this year.

Barry, Kathy, Kelly and Neena thanks for another great MHC and partying! look forward to doing again next year.

Bus #2, Thanks for letting me be incharge of your life and hope you had a good time

Geoff Beck, Thanks for doing my makeup and soooo sorry i was late for the saturday job.

BodyBag Entertainment, Thanks for letting Granny invade your booth for awhile saturday

And everyone that attended MHC. THANK YOU!!! Yall made it a really awesome time for everyone I’m glad i got to meet yall

Sincerly yours



MHC rocks –

seems as though while I spent the entire day in bed yesterday recooping from MHC, everyone beat me to the punch with shows of appreciation to MHC… All I have to say is that, BARRY, KATHY,KELLY,NEENA……. I love you GUYS!!!!!! You treated us very well and the show treated us just as well…………………… Thank you very much for ALL of your SUPPORT!!!!!!!!

as a vendor, MHC was by FAR the best show I have sold at…… as a haunter, MHC was the best show I have attended…… ] for those of you that missed MHC this year, next year promises to be bigger and BETTER!!!!!!!! plan your vacations NOW!!!!! – Rob, Bodybag Entertainment


Hi everyone,

This was our first show with our new company and it couldn’t have gone better. Everyone was very helpful. It was great talking with all the vendors and attendees. What a great group of people! I can’t wait until next year. Special thanks to the guys at Evilusions, Body Bag and Ghostly Manor for showing us the ropes. And thanks to all the FREEK drinks we got from Body Bag, we are now addicted.

Mark & Terri

Cryptic Imports


Head Spook

It was our first year of attending the show and we had a blast. Can’t wait until next year!


This was #3 for me and I think this was the best so far. I do have to say that the party at THE LODGE was great . the people that had no idea of what was going on was fantastic. The hot rod guys this year were very surprised and had a great time . I had a lot of them ask me about next year. Something about body painting I think. Thanks again guys ,another great job. Now time to get to work . Well after my brother get his haunted wedding done this weekend, our haunt is top of the list. PYRO , Spintinglers Trail of HORROR


We had a great time. I was
really impressed with the turnout and the vendors. I also met a lot of

industry leaders as well. I look forward to next year!!

Randy Bates – The Bates Motel


It was a great event Barry.

Thanks for having us participate again this year. We look forward to bigger and better for next year.

And Some folks even caught me twisting balloons with the fantasy side of things folks.

Gravely MacCabre

aka Ricky Dick

Castle Blood


Midnight Monster Hop

Horror Host Show


I’m glad I finally made it out! It was an excellent place to spend part of our honeymoon trip.

Wendy had been turned off by haunt conventions due to her many trips with me to Horrorfind and Va Haunt Fest, but I think MHC got her hooked again. She really enjoyed all the acting and make-up classes she went to, and she loved the fantasy side of the show as well.

Excellent job!!!!! Hope to make it next year too! -Louis, Darkwood Manor


What an awesome show!  This was my “first time” and I had a blast!  My fiance’ works in the industry and I am hooked!  I posted all the pics we took at the party on flikr.com and just thought I would send you a note in case anyone wanted to view them.  they are under the name DarkStarr, tagged Midwest Haunters Convention.
Anyways, I thought the whole event was great and I will definitely be seeing you all at other tradeshows and, of course, MHC 2008!
Tina Starr


I had a great time last weekend!

It was my first MWHC and i’m planning on going next year (hopefully!) I had a great time at the masquerade ball, especially dancing with The Janitor! haha.

Thanks for being an awesome MWHC!!!



My wife enjoyed herself so much that she wants to attend again next year!

She tolerates my Halloween addiction but she get’s annoyed because her

birthday is November 1 st!

What you folks did was amazing!

Did y’all get to go on some sort of vacation after the convention?

Thanks again,

Joey aka Freaky Daddy and Denise aka The Little Match Girl


I know it has been a couple of weeks now since MHC 2007, but I wanted to take a moment and thank Kelly, Neena, Barry, and Kathy for doing another great job for this 4th year of MHC! I was delighted to be one of the judges for the Bloody Mary Makeup Wars and thought the contests on saturday night went a lot smoother than they had in the past. There was a great vibe from the customers on the floor both days and lots of great conversation of course with everyone. There were a lot of good comments on the seminars and I truly enjoyed my own on sunday on quick and effective makeup jobs and thank all who attended! I look forward to MHC 2008 already! And if you have never gone in any of the previous years, I highly suggest attending. Besides all of the great products sold , and the great educational classes available at this convention, the one great thing I love about MHC is the laid-back feeling of being able to be with your extended creative family and meeting new members each year who want to learn from other’s experiences. It is a great feeling to influence and be influenced by others who share their passion for this strange art form that is the haunted attraction industry!

Happy Haunting for 2007!

Geoff Beck


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