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2008 Show Review

  • Posted by Chad Savage
  • Posted in Past Shows
  • Posted : September 28th, 2011



Review from Adam Drendel of HauntedIllinois.com

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Other Comments:

Midwest Haunters Convention was incredible.  First time we have gone and we will be returning from here on out.  To us, it was the best show of 2008!

Brian Robbe – USS Nightmare

BodyBag would just like to shoot out a thank you to the producers of MHC, once again its a GREAT EVENT, and one that we will continue to support!You Guys ROCK!

We would also like to say thanx to everyone that attended and made it a point to stop and say Hi at our Booth! I love MHC!!!!!!!!

Yes this was our first convention ever of this kind and we were blown away! – Kirk

MHC is hands down my favorite show. Absolutely the best place to meet an awesome group of awesome people. Story is plain and simple, MHC rocks.

Also, My props to the MHC organizers. This show has evolved from some tables in a stadium, to one of the best shows out there! The show has taken such a transformation, and to be honest I couldnt have been happier to have been there! absolutely amazing show! – Steve Kristoff

i can say that MHC is always a good show…there is a ton of stuff going on all the time, and all the cool people are there…lol…

congrats to barry, kathy, kelly, neena, and all the volunteers who put their time into making this MHC another fantastic show… – Maddi Poole

I must agree, MHC rocked. I went for the 1st time in 06 and can not believe how much this event grew. This year I signed up for every event including the pretours. The tours were well organized and it was a nice touch getting a free snack and beverage. The tours all stayed reasonably on time. The show floor was packed with vendors, and seemned much bigger than Vegas. The seminars were all good and the Vampire nightclub and costume party were a great time. The fantasy show? What can I say, I am a 47 year old guy and there were girls walking around with body paint. lol

Congrats to the MHC crew for putting on a hell of a show. Hope I can make it in 09! – Ron Lindberg

I tip my hat to Barry, Cathy, Kelly and Neena for hosting another incredible show.

We had a great time this weekend. I left very tired.

The only nights I had a chance to socialize was arriving on Thursday and having a beer with Barry, Rex, John and Jon, Jonathan and Vic and on departure Sunday evening.

I look forward to next year.

Thanks, Jeff (Frighteners Entertainment)

Just wanted to say THANKS for a great show.

We had a great time. Looking forward to next year!

-Cliff (Hacker House)

Another thanks to the organizers of this event from us 🙂

We had a great time…and spent more at MHC than any transworld convention we have ever attended. This was our first MHC and to have the ability to really spend time with the vendors and learn about the various products up close and personal is what motivated my purchases. Plus we didn’t have to wade through an ocean of vendors selling party store junk that does not really mean much to me as a haunt owner. Cash and carry is king…just about everything we bought came home with us and we will start installing it into our show this weekend.

Thanks again MHC…see you next year for sure!

Tim Dunne
Thursday My day of Nightmarish started at 11 in the mourning getting over to Ripper’s Revenge (with 10 Monstars Dr. Helldrake, Dr. Fun,Mr. FuriutLoop,Tizzie,The Nurse, Big JIm, Jake, John Colleta ,The ShopKeeper,Callopie and others did some scaring there from 3 o clock to about 5:30 then we came down to Our Home,The Dent School House about 6:30 Reunite with the others that didn’t get to do both. It was so hot outside my make-up was fading,The Blood I had was used to cover up and human flesh. And the end I felt like I was ready to rest in peace, Then Randy Patterson 1 of Our bosses said Free Hot Dogs and I jumped from the graveyard and ran to get food and drink like vampire to blood.

Then On Saturday Fatso, Shallow Bourne, The Gothic Bride and I went up to the Hyatt which was a 2 hour drive (Never drink a 2 litter before you go one a 2 hour drive) I went to my Hotel room

knowing it’ll be nice but It was too nice I felt for me, There was a desk, A King size bed,a bathroom with soap,shampoo which I brought back home. I’ve never been in this nice of a hotel.I ate a 30 dollor steak, It was good.

The Party was a blast  We met up with Our Bosses Josh,Leslie,Chuck and Randy + Monstars..Big Bubba the HellBilly,Big Jim,The Nurse,Mr. Midwest,Helldrake.

I met with Monstars of other haunts + I saw nude women only wearing paint (God Bless MIdwest Haunters Covention)

Later after the party we went to the bar Where Fatso and Randy had a drinking Contest. I went to bed around 2:30.

Thank you Barry and everybody who worked and went to The MWC

Bus Tour and Party. See you in 09′.

Damien Reaper


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