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2009 Show Review

  • Posted by Chad Savage
  • Posted in Past Shows
  • Posted : September 28th, 2011


“If I was suddenly overtaken by Latex fumes, and found myself standing outside those pearly gates, approached bt St. Peter, who then Offered me once last thing to do on Earth prior to entering Heaven, I would go to the MIDWEST HAUNTERS CONVENTION!”

– Rob Johnson, BodyBag Entertainment

 “MHC: A perfect blend of profitable business and decadent pleasure”

– Katie Lane, Ravens Wolf


Review from Adam Drendel of Haunted Illinois

Review from Noah of City Blood

w/ Second viewpoint by Damien Reaper on page 2


Rotting Flesh Radio MHC Wrapup Show

Podcast review from Damien Reaper on 6-24



Numerous YouTube videos from various sources

Firefighter at MHC for makeup

RFR Video

Hauntertainer Dance at MHC


New Social Media:

FLICKER Pool: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1116078@N23/pool/

Body Art Collection


General Pictures


Pre-Tour Pictures


Haunters Wedding




Tyler aka Nightgore – Hauntworld Forum, Lexington Ky


Noah aka Jolly Pumpkin, City Blood, Cincinnati Ohio http://www.ohioshaunted.com/?v_action=mhcpics091



Jaquetta ‘Kat’ Kelly Photos:

MHC Body Art Fashion Show and Masquerade Ball~


MHC Body Painting for Fashion Show~


MHC Friday Night Bash~


MHC 2009 Tradeshow~


Damien Reaper: Corpse Cast Myspace pics- Damien Reaper,Fatso and Dr Helldrake hosts http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=456614731&albumId=1058917

Kevin aka “Jumbo”:



Cliff Martin (and the Hacker House gang)




Hunter Heads



Other Comments:

Jennifer N. McGee:

This was our first year at the Convention. We were able to attend and loved every moment of it! The vendors were awesome! The people and the attitudes were awesome! Everyone at the show was welcoming and full of knowledge. The seminars were very informative and inspiring. The atmosphere as a whole was remarkable. I do not think there are enough resources available to the enthusiasts in this industry as a whole. The collection and variety of vendors was awesome. We look forward to attending next year and just wanted to let you know what a phenomenal experience this was for us!

Damien Reaper:

I had the best time doing Monster Scaryokee on Friday, then the ball on Saturday! It was just Great man!

Kevin aka “Jumbo”:

It was a great show once again! I’m already looking forward to next Year!

Cliff Martin (and the Hacker House gang):

Wanted to thank you for great MHC this year. We had a ball! Looking forward to next year!

Katie Lane, Raven’s Wolf:

First and foremost, thank you so much for the amazing weekend at MHC. The show was so well organized and coordinated and we had a blast! We cannot wait until next year! Thanks again!


Bravo!!! You guys put together one hell of a show and we’re so glad we went….even Nick! HAhahaha!!

MHC was amazing this year! Major kudos to Barry, Kathy, Kelly, and Neena for all their hard work and putting on such a great show!


MHC was GREAT!!! Thanks for a wonderful time. Looking forward to next year!!


Thanks for having us!


Thanks for a great week and all the wonderful work that went into it!


Kelly Allen, Raycliff Manor:

Kathy, Barry, Neena and Kelly, you guys did a FANTASTIC, OUTSTANDING, INCREDIBLY AWESOME JOB on MHC!!! I’m just blown away at everything that transpired and how well organized you had it! When I told you at the show that I don’t know how you do it, I wasn’t kidding! WOW!!! I’m still flaberghasted by the incredible Masquerade Ball too. Going through a haunt to enter, now that was genius! The lighting effects you had going in the ball room, the techno-bubbles, the contests, etc., etc., everything was just AMAZING! I had a fantastic time and I can’t thank you four enough. I know this is a year long effort for you and you are probably already thinking about next year. I know I am! You guys rock and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with you when you were able to stop for a minute here and there. As soon as I know the dates for 2010, it’s getting penned into my calendar! I came home with a renewed and deepened appreciation for the industry and for my haunt sisters and brothers. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Ron Lindberg, A Theater of Lost Souls:

Congrats to your team Barry. You guys put on a GREAT convention!! I think, all things considered, yours has to be my favorite!!

Scott Simmons The ScareHouse / Undead Productions Inc.:

The ScareHouse crew had an absolute blast, and also met a slew of new and talented artists, haunters, and vendors all weekend long. It’s a great show, and obviously a ton of work — so thanks to all the folks who made it happen.

I pity the hotel staff that has to clean-up after the thousands of those video game players today — what a bunch of self-absorbed idiot-holes.

Just like Transworld, I was on Twitter non-stop all weekend. Check out some low-rez cell phone pix here: http://twitpic.com/photos/ScareHouseScott (photos are in reverse-order, with last one taken first)


Maddi Poole, Screamline Studios:

MHC was awesome again as usual…and i wanted to send a personal thanks to the producers and volunteers who make the show possible…barry, kelly, neena and kathy put on a fantastic show…it seems like every year just keeps on gettin better and better…

and thanks to all our supportive customers for stoppin by the screamline booth and keepin the doors open…as always it is a pleasure to meet, greet, hang and chat with all of you…

Jonathan Johnson, Rotting Flesh Radio:

Thanks to everyone who helps put on MHC. Always a fun show, good times and friends.

Was great seeing everyone and I am ready for 2010 and hope all vendors did good at MHC as well.

Andy, DreamReapers Haunted House:

I dont post much, but I also would like to say thank you to everyone that came out and made the weekend a blast! MHC seems to get better and better each year! A big thank you to everyone that makes MHC the con that I look forward to going to more then any other!


Have to agree with the power outage experience. Awesome. Might have something to do with the apocolypse-inducing combination of a Full Moon and a thousand haunters in costume!!

Thanks Barry and the MHC crew for a FANTASTIC time, yet again! I never regret my decision to attend, and I always leave ready to book my flight for the following year.

Kirk, Dark Illusion Entertainment:

MHC was a blast! Even better than last year and I didn’t think it was possible!

I met so many people from the board and not. Fun times!



As always, y’all did a fantastic job – thanks much for continuing to put on such a good event!
Adam Drendel, HauntedIllinois.com:

You did an amazing job. From the pre-con tours to the show floor to the costume party and other activities, it was IMHO the best Haunt Industry show ever!!! I can’t wait until next year!!!

Katie Lane, Raven’s Wolf Productions:

Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys put into MHC. The show was amazing! Every aspect was awesome and I can’t wait until next year!

Miss Jayne, Netherworld:

Thanks MWHC folks! I had an awesome time! Loved the bus tour (again).. Kudos to all of the haunts & attractions for putting on some great shows!!

I’ll plan to come again next year

Brian Blair, Pumpkin Pulp :

Thanks for putting on a great show Barry and the rest of the MHC gang! Pumpkin Pulp had a blast again being there. It was great meeting everyone again and it was really successful for us. Plus, our Jimmy da Butcher character at our haunt Scarevania took first place in the Scariest costume contest! Good times!

Dean, Monster Guts:

Two big thumbs up to Barry and crew for another awesome weekend. MHC was a blast. Saw a lot of old friends, and made a few new ones. That alone is worth the trip.
Tater/ Granny:

Thanks to Barry, Kathy, Neena and Kelly for making the event what weve always come to expect! The best damn Haunt show!

Chris Handa, MDIM Productions:

Thanks to Barry, Kathy, Neena, and Kelly as well as ALL of the volunteers for a great show!

Saturday night was the best masquerade party I’ve ever attended! This is all despite being the only person in Columbus wearing a Pens Jersey and suffering through an awful (for Pittsburgh) game! Costumes were definitely fun to see and everybody seemed to be having a good time. The costumed competitors took things up a notch this year, too!

Thank you again to all!

Jason Blaszczak, Screamline Studios:

I would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth over the weekend. Thank you to the staff at MHC this show works off passion and love for what we do and it shows.

We appreciate every one of our fans,our true supporters that have been continuously loyal to Screamline.
Tyler Barnett, Lexington Screampark:

Barry, MHC was great and we had an awesome time! We’re already putting it down in our calenders for next year, and bringing more bright orange shirts!


Had a blast. As my first Haunters convention ever, I was very impressed. I learned so much.

Thanks for putting this on and really doing a top notch job. The vendors were extremely friendly and open to talk to small budget guys like myself. I never felt that they felt they were wasting their time talking to me.

You guys have me hooked, we will be back next year.
Killer Katie:

First and foremost – THANK YOU to Barry, Kathy, Kelly and Neena for allowing me to do all sorts a freakin’ fun stuff!!! The scaryoke was fabulous (even though i almost threw up when I heard I was going first…Yikes…) My classes were packed and I had a blast! And my Virgin Voyage into the body painting was a much better expereince that I could have thought!

I can’t wait to do it all again!!!

MHC is the Convention for haunters, hands down!

Does it have to be a year away? *sniff…..

DamienReaper, Dent Schoolhouse:

MHC Kick ass from Friday to Sunday for this dead guy

Virgil, Virgil Music:

Thanks so much to all the organizers and attendees at MHC this weekend!

It was nice to bump into old friends, not so old friends and make some new

friends as well!


What an awesome show! Thanks for all your hard work. See you next year.


Midwest was amazing this year(It’s amazing every year)you guys all did an awesome job for sure. The ball room alone was phenomenal. I’m excited to see you top it next year!and I know you will cuz you guys rock like that,hahah!


Had a blast at the convention!! Can’t wait to come back next year! Thank you again for putting on a great show!!


This was our first Midwest Haunters Convention, and it was fabulous!  We had a great time. I just wanted to thank you for organizing this event.  I know it must take a lot of time and effort.  We look forward to next year’s event!  Thanks again.




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