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2010 Show Review

  • Posted by Chad Savage
  • Posted in Past Shows
  • Posted : September 28th, 2011

“If I was suddenly overtaken by Latex fumes, and found myself standing outside those pearly gates, approached by St. Peter, who then Offered me once last thing to do on Earth prior to entering Heaven, I would go to the MIDWEST HAUNTERS CONVENTION!”
– Rob Johnson, BodyBag Entertainment

“MHC: A perfect blend of profitable business and decadent pleasure”
– Katie Lane, Ravens Wolf

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Review from Adam Drendel of Haunted Illinois

Review from Noah of City Blood
w/ Second viewpoint by Damien Reaper on page 2


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Other Comments:

Thanks for allowing Bob and I to be a part of your AMAZING 7th Annual Midwest Haunter’s Event… we LOVE you guys and are so honored to be helping you out… hope we can do it all again next year!
Beth Turner

It was a great time seeing all the ghouls, demons and venom like creatures. As I watched from the shadows in the fire saw the screams of Damnation…MHC 2010…again I thank everyone there. Along with riding up in the mini-bus filled of Denteers. Watching with dead white proud eyes at 2010 Ms. Midwest one of Dent’s finest got the crown. As the midnight hour rings 12!
Damien Addams Reaper

It was my first time attending this year. it was a very good experience. Looking forward to next year!!!
Levi C. Ratliff

We had a fantastic time. Our two makeup folks learned tons in the Wolfe Brothers seminar on Friday and the Bad Boys Detailing seminar was awesome yesterday as well. Thanks for an awesome event.
Brett Hays

Baybe you kno big Mawma had a Blazt! oooooo weee! tew many cute men folk an not enuff time! dead sexy!
BigMawma Clowteen

MHC was worth it. I sold out of everything I had by noon Sunday.
Jerry Vayne

Midwest Haunters Convention: Thank you MHC for another great convention! As always you are tops! Pre-Con Bus tour was amazing on the infamous Bus #3! And Friday night’s tours were really fun! The Saturday night party retains its crowd as the best haunters bash in existence. And as my second year as a featured artist for the bodypaint show im proud to be a part of MHC!
Jackie Steinert

Just got home from a crazy weekend. MHC was a blast once again.
Troy Baldock

Bubba Kraus got home from MHC about and hour ago. Had a boat load of fun,went to the best haunted house he has ever been to, and met new friends.
Thank you so much for all the hard work, work, work you did for MHC. I really appreciate it!
Pam Liebson Tole

You guys know how to throw a party! I’ll be back next year. =)
Rachel Jewett

I had such an amazing time! Thanks for everything . . putting all of us on bus #3, setting up the great tours and yummy foods, the amazing trade show and fun party. It was great to connect with so many friends!
Debbie Burnette

Thank you Barry, Kathy, Kelly and Neena! Another great show! Had fun, learned lots, spent lots, hung out with old friends and met future old friends. You all put in a lot of work to make it memorable for us and we really appreciate it! You are the best!
Victor Bariteau

We had an amazing time. Thanks for all the hard work you put into creating such a fabulous weekend with so many great activities! Can’t wait until next year!
Katie Lane

It was a good ole spooktacular time.
Noah Wullkotte


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