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2011 Show Review

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  • Posted : September 19th, 2011



FOCI – Official MHC Photos


“The goal of FOCI Photography is to capture moments, get amazing shots and have a good time, while ensuring the quality and character that sets them apart.  Challenging theatrical lighting is their specialty and passion, so expect a motivated and enthusiastic team at your haunt or event to capture the ambiance.  For additional information or to purchase MHC event photos, visit www.fociphotgraphy.org, or emailfociphotography@gmail.com.”


Cleveland Plain Dealer  & Cleveland.com

Scarehouse Scott

Nick Wolfe

Glen McKnight

Chad Savage/Zombie Army


Cleveland Plain Dealer  & Cleveland.com:

Great article with photo gallery

Photos:  http://photos.cleveland.com/plain-dealer/2011/06/midwest_haunters_convention_in_5.html

A haunting in Columbus Uweekly.com

City Blood



Haunted Illinois


Highbury Cemetery


Damien Reaper/Dent Schoolhouse:

Rotting Flesh Radio:



Last weekend was wonderful with with a couple thousand of our friends.  Sham Wow!   Terrific!

It was FANTASTIC FUN AND EYE CANDY GALORE!!  Wowsers! Neena Collins/MHC Producer

The MHC is my PARADISE!  I i love being there (as I’ve said before..).  It doesn’t last long enough for me! But, for the short time ~ I have ALOT of fun. Brandon Primm

MHC kicked my ass into next week! The Pre-show bus tour rocked, the Masquerade Ball was insane and the MHC Trade Show floor was ROCKIN’!!!
Jerry Vayne/ Haunt Rocker

Had a WONDERFUL show! Met lots of great people and made some great contacts! I can’t wait till next years show! I will be getting 2 booths next time so I can set up a shooting space! ♥Laura Dark

Thanks for the great time! If was very informative and FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Thanks again from the Canadian girls. ~ Judy Lengyel Lavoie

Had an AMAZING time!  Already plotting and counting down the days til next year. To the organizers and all who attended:thanks for the memories. See you next year! ~ Joshua Van Winkle

Had an AMAZING time for my first MHC, only thing I wish is that I would have taken more pictures and actually got more contact information of some of the new people that I met there! ~ Mark Ferren

Had a great weekend in Columbus! Will be back in 2012!!! Thanks! ~ Kirk Boemmel

Thank you all so much for the great show!!! We will be back again! I can’t say enough about the volunteers that helped us out in loading and unloading our booth supplies. Please thank them all for us!!! Unload and loading couldn’t have gone any smoother. ~ Anita Sowers

Thanks for a great week! This was one of the coolest things I have ever done!!! George Hoffman

Thank YOU guy!!! It’s been a while since I’ve had that much fun! Merry Beth Darcy Gardner

Had a great time!  Thanks for all the hard work you all do to pull this off every year! It just keeps getting better! Bus#3!!!!! ~ James Tillery

As always, Great show and great people putting this event on!! Thank you for everything ya’ll did this year! I know it was a lot of hard work to pull this off, my hats off to ya’ll. I’m so ready for the next bus tour. See ya in 2012!~ John Haire

Once again you guys have given us a weekend of fun, education, information and much more! We brought 19 people this year and each and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you so much for the time & energy you give!!! ~ Opel Bufford

Another fantastic show to look back upon!  Thanks for all of your hard work to make it happen each year! ~ Kevin Becker


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