Pre-Convention Haunted House Bus Tour

Pre-Convention Bus Tour

MHC 2021 features a pre-convention bus tour on Friday, June 25, 2021. We will visit the following haunted houses:

AbandonedAbandoned Haunted House Complex

Abandoned Haunted Complex houses FOUR of the best Wisconsin haunted attractions for scary Halloween Haunted House entertainment–located 30 minutes north of Chicago, Illinois or 20 minutes south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Green Bay FearGreen Bay Fear

Awaiting you inside the complex of Green Bay Fear Haunted Attractions are a selection of horrors plucked straight from your nightmares. Equilibrium-bending frights waiting to pluck at your dreams, with their spirits just anticipating your delicious screams.

Terror on the FoxTerror on the Fox

Celebrating 25 years of fear! Board the Terror Train to the legendary Terror on the Fox. Navigate through the winding trails and trees to find the legendary stone mausoleum of the Blackthornes. Buried here are the highest of the Blackthorne Patriarchs resting peacefully — or so everyone believes. The Grave Digger watches over the needs of the Blackthorne’s spirits in the afterlife and scours the land in search of fresh bodies so that he can use their souls to reanimate the dead. One can only imagine the sinister plot the Blackthornes have in store once awakened…

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